Month: February 2016

Obituary George Kennedy

If George Kennedy had died a day earlier he would have been on the In Memorandum real of this years Oscars. Perhaps it is fitting that he died the day after the Oscars so that a year from now we can revisit one of Hollywood’s great character actors again a year from today. To me George Kennedy was the king of the disaster picture. He appeared in all four of the Airport films, as well as the Charlton Hesston epic Earthquake. In my distorted vision of film history he was also in Towering Inferno and the Poseidon Adventure. He wasn’t He did...

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TWD (s06e11) – The Stupid

Knots Untie was an surprisingly STUPID free episode. This is not to say that it was a great episode although it was nice to see them recreate “Hilltop” so accurately from the comic book.   But this isn’t a Walking Dead episode summary site. There are enough of those. Here at Word151 we just cover the STUPID.   #1 Driving a gas guzzling, technically faulty, highly un-maneuverable Winnebago during the zombie apocalypse is just STUPID. That thing breaks down or gets stuck every time we see it. Why put all eggs in one basket? It’s the South. There have...

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Oh what a web….

If you’re not a spider, chimpanzee or skilled slack-liner don’t try this at home.   A group of Utah based daredevil slack-liners dubbed the “Moab Monkeys” recently connected a nylon web vast enough to suspend themselves above a canyon 400 feet in the air and 200 feet across for the purpose of simply taking in the breathtaking view and BASE jumping. Video shows one member of the group falling from the slack-line before reaching the web, and then opening a small parachute before plummeting to the bottom of the canyon.     Slack-lining, or in this case high-lining, is...

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Head Spinning PC Oscars still fun to watch

I had a good time watching the Oscars last night but as I’m thinking about it didn’t it seem a little preachy? I know it seems like the moral compass of our American brothers and sisters sometimes goes a little haywire but the Oscars were almost 3 and a half hours long. Even the preachy movies they were celebrating were not as long as that show. The first preachy thing was the scandal over no black people being nominated. We new that was coming because we’ve been talking about it for a while. The subject was also repeated between...

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The Mummies

Here is a free concert from the Mummies that  appeared on cable access TV yes like Wayne’s World in 1991. Watch or just listen. The Mummies were a group from California. A Bay Area group of some regard. The have frequently regrouped for special concerts and are a great example of the garage punk...

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The Lady in the Van

Maggie Smith steals the show as she most often does in this British comedy. Smith pays an eccentric old homeless woman who parks her van on a Camden street and eventually into the driveway of writer Alan Bennett. Over the course of 15 years parked in his driveway Bennett begins to unlock the secrets of the woman’s past. Based on a true story this film has a sweet and solid look at pride, privacy respect and humanism.  ...

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Tired of Comparing that Political Candidate to Hitler?

Yes, Obama is just like Hitler. Trump is just like Hitler. Gandhi was just like Hitler! Shhhhhh! That is so yesterday. Let’s start comparing that candidate of yours to a fresher asshole of history.   May I suggest Pinochet? Pinochet has all the terrible traits you’re looking for in a “villain” but without the “over-done” Nazi cliches. Under Pinochet as many as 30,000 people were killed and tortured. Pinochet abolished civil liberties, banned unions and collective bargaining. He privatized public industries and deregulated public safety protections. There was a max exodus of Chile as 30,000 people fled to escape...

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Why this Progressive is voting Trump

Firstly, the headline is misleading. I am not voting for Trump. To do such a thing would require absolute desperation. Since I don’t live in America I am not desperate. What I am doing as a Progressive is not voting for Clinton.   I will explain. It is simple. America is sick. And not just sick, America is dying. Slowly but surely. It may be terminal? I’m not a Doctor!     How do I know this? I have lived most of my adult life in Europe where Democratic Socialism is about as Conservative as it gets. The thought...

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Teens are Drinking What??!!

Teens do stupid stuff. They always have and they always will. Yesterday I started researching a story about teens in Sweden dinking hand sanitizer. In Sweden the drinking age is 20. It surprised me that teens in Sweden would be that desperate and dumb I mean come on there is no way that Swedish teens can out stupid Americans. Turns out I was right American teens are doing this to at an alarming increasing level. In 2010 there were only 4,208 cases of this. Zap forward and we have 21,057 cases in 2014. source: National poison control center I don’t...

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Bernie supporters are doing it for themselves

When I get bummed about Bernie Sanders chances, there is always another Bernie supporter who cheers me up. I was watching this week’s Real Time with Bill Maher. Even thought there were two Sander’s supporters on the panel the discussion was still focused on Hillary’s eventual win. That is what we hear when we listen to the media and we hear it again and again until we start to believe it. It isn’t the media that picks the president it is the people and the people are speaking. There are tons of T-shirts for Bernie (see our word151 store)...

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Super Tuesday for the Elephants

On March 1 The Ringling Brothers Circus will officially retire all its elephants from performing. In an enormous coinkydink, that is the same day that American’s will take the first steps to hopefully retire elephants from the political proses. But, that is a different elephant for a different room. The pachyderms will be moved to the circus’s elephant conservation reserve in Florida. We will all miss them in the circus but life will be much nicer for the elephants and for children with cancer. Ringling brothers will be donating proceeds from the elephants final shows to children’s cancer research and...

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Lexington Kentucky’s Food for Fines

Since 2006 Lexington Kentucky has had a 5 week annual food drive to gather food for the homeless. The program which starts in November of each year allows citizens who are paying parking tickets to pay with canned food. For every 10 cans donated people receive $15 off their fines. This last year 2015 over 6,100 cans were collected, the equivalent of 2 tons of food or 4000 meals. Many communities have food for fines programs for their libraries but, Lexington’s food for fines program is very innovative and not the kind of news you normally associate with Kentucky. ...

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