Hillary Clinton will not be the next POTUS for one simple reason.


People do not trust her. It’s just that simple.


I don’t trust her, you probably don’t either. That’s just a guess, but a safe guess because the majority of American’s don’t. (56% and rising since the last poll.)


source: CNN/ORC

source: CNN/ORC


Personally I think that she is driven by power and selfishness. That she wants to be POTUS as badly as Gollum wants his precious. And that she would go to any ends to achieve her goal.


We can argue this point or go back and forth on whether or not she should or shouldn’t be trusted until the cows came home. I wouldn’t change a thing. Hillary is a mainstream representative of a corrupt and self-serving system. She is not liked, less trusted and has no way of changing this.


For this reason alone she will never motivate enough Democrats and Independent voters to beat a Republican Party for whom vilification of Democratic leaders has become the only single uniting factor within the party. She will not be the next POTUS. It’s just that simple: Trust.