American Politicians and Media have to stop claiming that Bernie Sanders platform and agenda is Pie-in-the-Sky Stuff.


Pie-in-the-Sky is things like “Every American will be happy and successful” or “No new taxes” or “We will genetically manipulate our dogs to do our tax returns”. (That last one would be pretty cool though!)


The “things” that Senator Sanders is advocating are considered pretty normal in most civilized, industrial countries. The happy, healthy and well educated Northern Europeans have taken his “pipe-dreams” for granted for more than a generation. In Holland they call it “today“. Even some non-European countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand would consider Sanders’ proposals rather moderate.


artwork: Box Life Design

artwork: Box Life Design


So when suggesting that his goals are “Sky Pie” what these Politicians and Media defeatists are actually saying is that his agenda doesn’t stand a chance in Washington. This is an understandable attitude when picking your fantasy-football team, but cowardly and pathetic when choosing the long-term goals of your country.


What most Sanders supporters realize is that Bernie is only starting the revolution and that it is up to them and future generations to see to it’s fulfillment.


The next time you hear someone calling Bernie Sanders ideas Pie-in-the-Sky what they are really doing is acknowledging a dysfunctional and corrupt political system. And/or, that they think so little of an American people who cannot achieve what so many other people have.