Now that Trump is most likely to be the choice for the GOP, Rupert Murdoch was seen at a $2,700 a plate fund raising dinner for Hillary.  I guess his media empire focused mainly on discrediting Hillary and Obama has had a change of heart. I always wondered why Fox always focused on fake scandals like Benghazi or that e-mail stuff when it was very clear to people with an IQ over 100 the previous administration had done far worse. You don’t have to dig to deeply to find real dirt on Hillary, there’s her role in giving Putin control of the uranium reserves, or  her role in the coup d’état in Honduras, talk of super-predators (young black males) to heel etc. Sheldon Adelson is likely to back Hillary next now that his picks have little chance. Hillary is a politician that big money can live with and that is itself is a scary. ***Walmart is now backing Hillary!

                                                          (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)