Yes, Obama is just like Hitler. Trump is just like Hitler. Gandhi was just like Hitler! Shhhhhh! That is so yesterday. Let’s start comparing that candidate of yours to a fresher asshole of history.


May I suggest Pinochet?

1rst class ass

Pinochet has all the terrible traits you’re looking for in a “villain” but without the “over-done” Nazi cliches. Under Pinochet as many as 30,000 people were killed and tortured. Pinochet abolished civil liberties, banned unions and collective bargaining. He privatized public industries and deregulated public safety protections. There was a max exodus of Chile as 30,000 people fled to escape his reign of terror.

did somebody say Human Rights Violation?

As we head on down the road to our own democratic elections, it may be helpful to remember that in a Democracy, the people get the government that they deserve. Our future is not yet written, but it will be upon us soon enough.