Those of you that watched the GOP debate last night and saw the classic comedy of the Three Stooges*: Rubio, Cruz, and Trump may be feeling a bit nostalgic for “old-timey” politics.


*Yes, technically there were 4 on stage but I am not counting Zeppo


“Old-timey” Politics on March 4th

Before the 20th amendment, inauguration ceremonies were held on March 4th. There are a few historical moments of interest.


The Constitution of the US took effect on this day in 1789. Yes, Congress moved slowly even way back then.
Washington gave his 2nd inauguration speech in 1793; the shortest inauguration speech ever at only 133 words.
In 1801 Jefferson gave the first one in Washington DC.
1809 Madison wore clothes made in the US for his.
Harrison gave the longest speech at 8,843 words.
In 1849 The US had no president for a day because March 4th fell on a Sunday as Taylor felt it sacrilegious.
1909 Taft was inaugurated in a blizzard.
1925 Coolidge 1st live radio broadcast of an inauguration speech.


FDR gave the 1st one for him and the last one for March 4th when he declared “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”.


Simpler times boy, simpler times.