I want to be clear I’m in no way against the police. I am very against abuse of power.

The latest story of abuse of power that caught my eye is a story about police rape and the consequences for the crime. The average penalty for a rape conviction is 11.8 year in a conviction and 5.4 years of actual time served. Some states offer a reduction in sentencing if the convicted volunteers for chemical castration.





In Alabama, a state trooper, Samuel McHenry arrived at the scene of an accident took the woman out of her car handcuffed her and placed her in the back of his patrol car. He then said ” Fuck me or go to jail” and then he anally raped her and then forced her to give him oral sex. He then drover her up the street and left her in front of a closed store.



She reported the crime and was given a rape kit. Semen was found in the back of the patrol car, as well as other DNA evidence corroborating he victim’s story. Samuel McHenry struck a plea deal from sexual assault down to sexual misconduct.


The concequences

  • He lost his Job.
  • He will be registered as a sex offender.
  • He paid court fees estimated to be a few hundred dollars
  • He will serve 182 days in jail at his discretion (must be completed in one year)


Is this not abuse of power??!!