John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight is always top notch but last night’s big topic was a doozy. The topic was special districts. I’ll include the clip because he does a better job explaining them then I could, because I only have 151 words and he is John Oliver and I am just me.



What I don’t think he touched on, might be the most important. The right and the left are always fighting about taxes and the merits of the social programs we have and how much we want to pay for them.


So if $100 billion dollars of out taxes go to special districts with little or no oversight perhaps we can look into how that money is being spent. If one guy is paying $1,000 for water while the guy across the street pays $7 for his. On top of that if you live in a house that happens to be in several special districts you are probably paying way too much for every basic service.


So folks, can we agree on looking into this if we fix it perhaps poor children can keep their government subsidized breakfast and you can pay fewer taxes. Win/Win.