It’s almost unfair to write a negative critique of this rather STUPID-less episode. There were a few “slips”. There always are…


It was nice to see Rosita, Heath, Aaron and Sascha finally getting a little more screen time. Not that I care much about these characters. But the show did introduce them and then kind of forget to develop them much. I’d like to feel “something” when they inevitably die.


Heath, I want to like you... photo-AMC

Heath, I want to like you, but who are you? … photo-AMC

And of course, any screen time for McBride (Carol) or James (Morgan) is always a big boost.


But these reviews are about the STUPID. Of which there wasn’t so much….


It was STUPID to attack the enemy without better INTEL and RECON. Let Daryl and Aaron watch their compound for a few days? What’s the rush?


It was STUPID-ly unlikely that some drowsy guy heading to the bathroom with his toothbrush (and his fighting knife?) would have  gotten the drop on Abraham, a trained soldier on high alert.


This is just too stupid to comment on....  (image:AMC)

This is just too stupid to comment on…. (image:AMC)


TWD has played STUPID this season with their sense of time . The attack on the compound started a few hours before sunrise, and ended, shortly thereafter, outside in the car park at noon? This stuff isn’t hard to get right guys. Come on. It ruins the chronological realism and breaks the spell.


Maybe they don’t have dusk and dawn in Dixie?


photo AMC

The cast of AMC’s TWD when they heard they may have to shoot before noon!