Ernie Andrus is running across America. If he makes it he will be the oldest person ever to cross America on foot. He started his run on October 7th 2013 when he was 90 near San Diego California by touching the pacific ocean. He will end his run at St. Simons Island near Brunswick Georgia. Ernie runs 3 days a week and averages about 6 miles per day. He appears to be somewhere in Mississippi now.


Why is Ernie running? He is running to raise money and awareness. During  WWII Ernie served on a LST or Landing Ship Tank. The LSTs where used to bring heavy equipment like tanks ashore. The US build over 1000 LSTs during the war but today only one remains, the LST 325. The LST 325 has been restored and is operational.


In 2000 Ernie served on the crew that sailed the ship back from the island of Crete in Greece to it’s home now in Evansville Indiana. There were plans in 2014 to sail the LST 325 to Normandy for the 70th anniversary of D day but the trip had to be canceled due to a lack of funds. Ernie is running now to raise enough money to get the ship to Normandy for the 75th anniversary in 2019.


You can visit his website to buy T-Shirts or to donate to his cause.