I love a lively discussion. I enjoy when people have a different point of view. The one thing I can’t stand however is when people are immune to facts that don’t support their opinion. So today I sat down to write about the death of Anne Frank who some believe died around this day in 1945. Now with Anne Frank we don’t know exactly when she died or how she died but we know where she died in the Bergen Belsen concentration camp.
I got a little sidetracked with my Anne Frank piece with deniers. I really had no idea but am not surprised that even from the time that her diaries were first published up until today there are people who deny her existence. Otto Frank Ann’s father personally took legal action against many of these deniers but allegations persist. Much like the Holocaust deniers. I mean what does it take guys there is plenty of evidence. Written documents, Eyewitness testimony, Photographs, not to mention the camps themselves.

Anne Frank

When people complain about Obama it is the same thing. “Obama has run our jobs over seas!” Well no we have had record job growth under Obama. “Obama has weakened our military!” No he hasn’t. We have numbers, facts that can be checked I don’t care if you don’t like Obama. I just want you to be straight with me about why.