TWD filler episodes have sometimes been very good. Each season usually has one or two where we get to spend time with a small core of characters to get to know them better.


Unfortunately, not even the excellent Melissa McBride (Carol) could quite save this episode from missing the top marks. It wasn’t a bad episode as Maggie discovers her maternal survival rage and Carol begins to rediscover her empathy. Blah, blah, blah.


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Courtesy of AMC & Marvel - Do they have an airforce?

Courtesy of AMC & Marvel – Do they have an airforce?


Here we do the Stupid.


Leaving prisoners unguarded is stupid. Don’t do that people.


Separating Maggie to interrogate her needs to be done by someone who understands interrogation. You get the information, not give it. Stupid.


Maggie watching Carol wrestle with Savior-leader lady and not helping was Stupid.


courtesy of AMC

courtesy of AMC



But the biggest STUPID of this week was Rick shooting his prisoner dead in cold blood. Disregarding the moral implications that our “heroes” are no longer “heroes” but cold blooded murders, it is tactically stupid. It wastes a bullet. It loses you the opportunity to gather information through proper interrogation. (5 minutes alone with Abraham and Eugene would break anyone’s spirit). You can always shoot him later….


The show runners want to milk the “Negan” mystery until the season final. And boy would having a prisoner alive to squeal ruin that.