Republican’s cheat, most people are aware of this in one form or another in the pre-Obama years Democrats often just fumbled the ball while the Republicans did their cheating. I’m referring to gerrymandering, voter ID laws, making people with similar names of convicted felons ineligible to vote etc.

Debra Wasserman head of the DNC and Hillary-Bot

Obama claimed in his election bid that he desired election reform and wanted money out of politics and was against Citizens United he had to play the game for now. American people excepted that and elected Obama to be a two term president ( not solely on that issue but important for some).
This year,  it looks as if the Superdelegates might play a role in overthrowing the people’s will and electing somebody not of people’s choosing but one of special interest.
 Pledged delegates are chosen for a ratio of the states vote for each candidate. They are forced to vote as the people dictate. Superdelegates however, are free to pledge their vote to any candidate for any reason and their vote counts for 2,564 people votes.
B.S. Ludlow of word151 has this Superdelegates who stray to far from the popular vote it would end the Democratic party. Which is ironically the same fate facing the GOP. But here is the thing that might steal it away for Hillary this year 9% of Superdelegates are lobbyists who are not beholden to the Democrats but only to their special interests.