Logic Fallacy =  Bad Argument.

If you have every argued with another human (and if you read this blog then I bet that you have) at some point you have certainly heard logic fallacies.


Recognizing and discrediting them is an easy way to win almost any debate. Even when you are in the wrong. But, like a timely joke, it’s so hard to remember them when you need them.


No longer! In this series we present the most common logic fallacies in their most basic forms


Here’s number one in our “Easy-Peasy guide to Winning Arguments and Losing Friends”. But don’t worry, most of your soon to be ex-friends are fallacious losers anyways.


Number 1

The Straw Man

(frequency: very common)
(aka: Red Herring, Putting words in someone’s mouth)

Simply put: A Straw Man is misrepresenting your opponents statement, defeating this misrepresentation (The Straw Man) and claiming victory!


A: “I don’t believe in the existence of any gods!”
B: “So you think life has no purpose!? Is that why you can’t find God?”


Defense: “Nice Straw Man argument asshole! I never said ‘ … (point out Straw Man here) ..’!  Are you stupid or a liar*?”


*Don’t say that last bit! That’s a False Dichotomy! Check in later for Number 2!