Suffragette is a period biography drama about the women’s right to vote struggle in England. The memorizing Carey Mulligan stars as a young mother working in a laundry in 1912s London. The film suffers from some pacing problems but the cast delivers solid performances.

In the film the suffragettes are at a point where they feel like politely asking for the vote isn’t working and the need to turn to more violent solutions. They break store windows, blow up mailboxes and cut telegraph lines. Meryl Streep has only a bit part playing the famed Emmeline Pankhurst. There is one forced feeding in prison scene that I found particularly disturbing.

The film ran with wide release in the UK and Europe but had a limited release in the US due to a silly little scandal about diversity. Some felt that the line Streep delivers ” I would rather be a rebel than a slave” to be controversial although it is a real quote from her character. The film was also criticized for not showing black woman as suffragettes despite there being few to none historically where and when the film takes place.

Spoiler below the real footage from the event depicted at the end of the film.