With every gain we make in new technology we lose something as well.


CBS is rumored to be looking to sell off 117 of its terrestrial radio stations in the US. Ad revenue in radio fell by 2% last year and it seems that the folk at CBS feel that audiences will continue to part looking more to streaming ad free radio services like Spotify.




CBS was known as United Independent Broadcasters when it started in 1927. Columbia Records joined the group and the name was changed to the Columbia Broadcasting System in 1929. George Burns and Gracie Allen, Bing Crosby, Al Jolson all had popular shows on CBS radio. Edward R Murrow the legendary news caster was hired in 1935. Orson Welles’ Mercury Theater terrified the world in 1938 when the presented a adaptation of HG Welles War of the Worlds as a news broadcast.




Today the largest service that CBS provides is CBS News Radio and Major League Baseball. So if a sell off does occur those elements of traditional terrestrial radio may be harder to find.