*** SPOILERS (duh) ***


Another relatively Stupid-free episode again this week. I even saw some untended lawns and weeds. So I sense that I am starting to get through to the writers at AMC.


There were also a few nods directly to the comic although it was Denise who took Abraham’s place as Dwight’s first victim.


Nods to the comic - images courtesy of AMC and TWD comic

Nods to the comic – images courtesy of AMC and TWD comic


There was, of course, a bit of Stupid. There always is.


Everyone who has played Dungeons and Dragons knows that when the Dungeon Master would asks for a “marching-order” (basically your line-up) you put your tough fighters in front. Maybe a sneaky rogue to scout ahead? In the middle you would put you weaker wizard-types. And at the very back you had your Cleric (medic). Because if your Cleric dies, you all die. This is how it’s done.


(Screaming) You don’t take your only Medic out scavenging! Especially if you have only one doctor. This was STUPID.


Sascha being absent from Denise’s funeral was Stupid. In fact, going back for Denise’s body in a hostile environment was stupid.


It was stupid to develop and then kill the only interesting person in Alexandria. But it also caught us off our guard. So maybe stupid is too harsh.


It was stupid and confusing to tack on a disappearing Carol scene at the end of the episode. But not as stupid sloppy as Carol’s “reverse” character development. Especially when she has experienced (in this and last weeks episodes) that her “kill or be killed” mantra is absolutely 100% valid. Stupid character development! Sloppy writing.


image courtesy of TRS

image courtesy of TRS