The age of news for profit is here. David Rhodes president of CBS news said this ” The money is rolling in and this is fun, They are not even talking about issues they are throwing bombs at each other and I think the advertising reflects that. This is going to be a very good year for us. Sorry, its a terrible thing to say but, Bring it on Donald.”

cnn-money.comAdvertisers and news channels are profiting from the dangerous rhetoric of Trump and at our expense. In fact, CNN has been charging 40% more for advertising during GOP debates which have very high viewership as people tune in to see what crazy stuff will come out of the orange donut hole, 24 million viewers from the last GOP debate.  The 3 hour debate charging $200,000 for a 30 second ad. Networks have now famously cut away from President Obama to a Trump rally as well as cutting away from a active Sanders rally to cover an empty podium at a Trump rally.huffingtonpost.comTrump can earn media by not even being present. It also speaks to why the news gives so little attention to Sanders. He is not in the media game. He doesn’t spend much on ads for them and he does not have advertisers behind him. As CBS news President David Rhodes says “Who would have thought that this circus would come to town? It may not be good for America but its damn good for CBS” and that’s the way it is March 22 2016.

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