Today we are faced with another sad day of terrorism and it’s aftermath. As of this moment we still don’t know how many people have died. I have heard between 30-50 at this time from the bombs in Brussels. Those of use that are not psychopaths feel sympathy for the victims.

Easy to see the bad guys are wearing black

However, it is not just the victims who lose, we all do.
1. Muslims in the West, those who have opened themselves to life in Western civilization, are bound to be now regarded with even more suspicions.  Travel will become harder and opportunities for work less. Some have risked their lives to join freedom in the West.
2. Everyday People. Many of us could at some point or another be placed into a subgroup as well. As we are divided by hate we lose perspective about ourselves as humans. We sacrifice our inalienable freedoms in the name of government “protection”.
3. Governments pouring out money to kill an idea is futile. Even if the real goal is to protect some commodity or another (this time it is oil), when you kill a father or a mother you create a group of terrorist children. And the circle of death is reborn.
4. Jihadists  you will die, your children will die and your children’s children. On and on and on. Even if your God is real and the one true God, why would he want your loved ones to die? Why would he turn his back on your wickedness? And if he did, what kind of god do you follow?
5. Non_Jihadists in Islamic countries keep your head down, a whole lot of more senseless shit is coming your way. And if you think that a Jihadist can blow shit up you have never met a modern day Crusader. Bye bye!