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A Future Timeline


2016 Amid a continuing Federal investigation, Presidential candidate Brumhilde Stinton is forced to abandon the Presidential Race days before the election.


Chaos seizes the already fractured American political spectrum. Rioters and Protesters come to blows in public. There are various calls for independence and succession.


Out of the ensuing fighting between Conservatives, Liberals, Progressives, Tea-Party-ers, Independents and Libertarians strongman Turnbull Drumpff (aided by his “Blue-Shirts”) emerges to seize the reigns of power.


Drumpff quickly installs Martial Law. Despite protest from all sides, order is restored to the streets.


Drumpff Blue-Shirts acting "unofficially" as Police during rights in Missouri.

Drumpff Blue-Shirts acting “unofficially” as Police during rights in Missouri.


2017 Drumpff promises to involve all parties in talks. Through a series of lies and bullying he uses these “negotiations” to cleverly display his political opponents as either “unwilling’ or “unable” to help the American People. Outspoken opponents to his Presidency receive the brunt of the bullying.


2018 Attacks against Muslims and Immigrants become a daily occurrence. Police forces are either unwilling or unable to interfere with the dreaded “Blue-Shirts”. An Exodus begins towards Europe and Asian.


2019 Fearing a huge shift to the left, election are cancelled and Drumpff disbands the House of Representatives. This leaves power fully with the Senate who is now firmly in the hands of Drumpff-friendly GOPers.


2020 “Relocation” of undesirables begins.


2023 Anti-immigration and a growing anti-Franco movement sweeps North to Canada. Claiming to be acting under the wishes of the Canadian people, the USA annexes Canada. World and European powers, sticking to their policy of Appeasement, stand aside and do nothing.


2023 - Canadians in Ottawa welcome arrival of American "Liberation" Forces.

2023 – Canadians in Ottawa welcome arrival of American “Liberation” Forces.


2024 Drumpff cancels all elections. Opposition is jailed or “relocated”.


2025 America invades Mexico sighting need of more “Living-Space”. Argentina pledges support to the action and allies itself with America in what will Drumpff will later label “The Axis-of-Awesome”.


2026 Argentina (now backed by American money) invades neighboring Brazil in a disastrous campaign. What should have been a swift victory turns into a fiasco. Because the “Carnival-Offensive” is launched during the festive holiday neither side has much interest in a fight. Europe however, bound by treaties with Brazil, now is forced to declare War on America.


Drumpff moves quickly to isolate Europe by seizing it’s former colonies. Through economic sanctions and threats of embargo he cowers China and most of Asia into submission.

Japan, sensing a chance to expand it’s mobile phone and auto-sales in the region, joins the “Axis-of-Awesome”.




2026 Europe stands isolated and alone. The last bastion of Western Social Democracy.


2027 A surprise attack by Argentina on Russia’s South Pole “science” station gives Russia an excuse to enter the war.


2028 The largest amphibious military invasion in history takes place at Corpus Christi, the soft underbelly of America.


2028 Disaster for the Allies at “Operation Shopping Mall” when they fail to seize the bridges over the Mississippi. This strategic blunder will end up extending the war at the cost of millions of lives.


French Foreign Legionnaires reach the Vickburg Bridge ove rthe Mississippi. Within days they will all be dead or captured.

French Foreign Legionnaires reach the Vickburg Bridge over the Mississippi. Within days most will be captured or dead.



2029 With the opening of a second “Canadian” front the allied forces quickly march down the Eastern seaboard. The Russians face heavy fighting throughout the more GOP loyal Southern States. Losses are horrific on both sides, but the Global gene-pool benefits greatly.


2029 Sensing a turn in the war the States of California, Oregon and Washington rise up in rebellion, forming the short-lived Republic of Pacifica. After the war Pacifica falls under the Dutch Protectorate thus gaining free and universal healthcare, marijuana and prostitution.


2028 - BeNeLux forces during Operation "New Amsterdam". Resistance was disinterested and a little rude.

2028 – BeNeLux forces during Operation “New Amsterdam”. Resistance was disinterested and a little rude.

2030 Drumpff, now alone with his mistress, TV personality Megyn Fox, hunkers in his Washington D.C. bunker, moving imaginary legions around his gold and diamond inlaid RISK board. Days later he commits suicide. “Blue-Shirt” guards dye his hair black in an attempt to hide his body from the approaching Russians.



2030 - Finnish WInter troops race across the frozen pond in front of the almost finished "Drumpff National Monument"

2030 – Finnish Winter troops in D.C.. In the background (dwarfing the Washington Monument) is the never to be completed “Drumpff National-er Monument”


2031 The camps are discovered. Muslims, Homosexuals and nearly 6 million illegal immigrants are the victims of Drumpff’s hate. A human rights tribunal is formed at Baton Rouge to punish the high ranking GOP members who supported Drumpff. All are found guilty and hung.


One of the many camps that "nobody" claimed to have known about.

One of the many camps that “nobody” claimed to have known about.


2033 America is divided into 2 occupation zones. Russian in the South and Europe in the North.



2034 – British SAS patrol a Boston Market searching for “Tea Tax” dodgers.


2038 To halt the growing flow of American’s from South to North, Russia builds the biggest, strongest, greatest Wall ever built using the knowledge and technology from captured Drumpff scientists. This Wall will become the symbol of 50 years of distrust, fear and conflict.


2038 - Drumpff's dream of the longest and greatest wall (stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific) is realized 9 years after his death.

2038 – Ironically, Drumpff’s dream of the longest and greatest wall (stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific) was actually realized 9 years after his death.