So Lena Dunham claims that liberals are being hostile to her because she is campaigning for Hillary over Bernie. She says that she is “being treated like a ill informed child”. And the tipping point of all the hostility? Well somebody had the nerve to tell her that ” Bernie Sanders has done more for feminism than Hillary Clinton has.” How can she go on with such a bombardment of information that contradicts what she believes.

Yes Dunham is a public figure but should she be exposed to such confusing information? I really want to apologize for those who are so insensitive to your opinion. This could cause your carrier immeasurable damage as you like to portray your self as a hipster who is more informed than other people.


She says that republicans have been much nicer to her than liberals when it comes to her pro Hillary stance. However, it is unclear if republicans have any idea who Lena Dunham is. So stand strong Lena Dunham you don’t have to tell us why you support Hillary over Bernie. You have clearly stated that ” Hillary is a highly qualified candidate.” That should be enough, you don’t need to address reason or examine the candidate’s record, you are a celebrity and you should be above being exposed.