This bit of censorship seems to be setting a new tone for freedom in the UK. Sure The UK has some history of censorship and rules concerning hate speech or encouraging people to commit crimes or harm others and against treason. For example, The BBC were not aloud to give uncensored to the IRA during the height of conflict between Britain and Northern Ireland. Back in the early 1990s I saw first hand the difference between the BBC coverage and CNN’s coverage of the first gulf war. Yes children, CNN was good once upon a time.

However forbidding coverage of disabled citizens protesting cuts to their government aid seems like a large step too far, kind like it is ok to eat a pig but not fuck it. Strange also because this report wasn’t even about the protest they were apparently just in the wrong place at the right time. While I am no expert on UK censorship laws after a review of legal precedence I found nothing to justify this woman terminating the BBC broadcast. Thanks to Rachel Barley for the scoop.