Today is the start of Holi or the Festival of Colors. Mostly celebrated in Nepal and India this festival is celebrated the on the first full moon after the spring equinox.

Colored dyes are thrown, water balloons dropped  and big squirt-guns spray a wash of color that covers spectators from head to toe. A celebration of good over evil a time of forgiveness and bonding. A time to play ,laugh forget and forgive a fresh start into the spring. The drinking of marijuana tea helps in getting the spirit of the festival humming along.

There are several origin stories to the holiday one is about Krishna who was blue from being fed poisonous breast milk as a child. Krishna was embarrassed about his color when around his fair skinned love interest Radha Krishna’s mother encouraged him to go and color Radha’s face any color he wished.


This year there is a problem with drought in India so the government is calling for only dry dyes to be thrown. People are disappointed but no word yet as to whether or not the people will respect the water rations during the festival.

Prabhat Kumar Verma/ZUMA Press

A devotee holds a water gun loaded with colored water during the Holi festival in Mathura, India