So last week there were rumors about a gay prostitution scandal concerning Ted Cruz and his time in university. I wanted that story to be true. I kept refreshing and refreshing the news feed hoping to find a bit of proof to write a story about. Sadly, that totally believable story went no where.

shave his butt and teach him to walk backwards?

So then the National Enquirer publishes a story about Ted Cruz having extra marital affairs. Well that is unbelievable on many levels one it is the National Enquirer a publication that is even for a celebrity tabloid lacks a positive reputation. However, they can be held liable. An Investigation story such as this doesn’t protect them as much as a silly story that helps a young no talent person become a star (I’m thinking Kim Kardashian here). The spell check knew how to spell Kardashian and I threw up in my mouth. Here it could cost Cruz the chance to become president and he could sue baby sue if that were the case. People in the public eye must prove malice .
So, there must be something to it. Many other reporters have been chiming in with bits and pieces more or less confirming the story. Are there really that many women that would sleep with Ted Cruz? It defies logic but women are generous. Is it true I don’t know but I was thinking the best finish of this story would be pictures of Trump doing Ted’s wife.
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Cruz on Gay marriage.