*** SPOILERS (duh) ***

Not so much stupid. Bad news for this column but good news for the fans.

I will have to nitpick.


Alexandria has no communication. There is no organization except for Maggie who seems to have everybody working on defences for their totally un-defendable town. Believe me, if you couldn’t defend a Prison from one side you will not have better luck with Alexandria. People sneak in and out of that place every episode. EVERY EPISODE! Stupid.


After Carol runs off for questionable character motives, her action advances the story as 6 of Alexandria’s best fighters run off willy-nilly in three groups to give chase. Although, technically, only Rick and Morgan go after Carol. Glenn, Michonne and Rosita go after Daryl who had gone after the Baddies who killed Denise. A character that he barely knew. This leaves Abraham and Sascha to defend Alexandria. Stupid.


Then, after the many ambushes of the last few episodes we have 3 more this week. Carol gets Mad Maxed by 5 men in the truck who forget to ask to see her hands.  Always ask to see the hands stupid!


photo AMC

photo AMC


In the second ambush the Baddies have apparently pre-read the script so as to hide themselves in a circle behind exactly the right 10 trees in Georgia.


photo AMC

photo AMC


The third ambush is the Stupidest. Daryl and Rosita get double ambushed by Dwayne and his invisible and silent forest pixies. So much for Daryl the tracker.


Daryl is tagged out last. Daryl wins! - photo AMC

Daryl is tagged out last. Daryl wins! – photo AMC