Pick your Star Trek “Baddie” Race POTUS




The crafty old Romulans are often overlooked by The Voter due to their “cloaking technology”. They are a moral race with an absolute sense of right and wrong. Romulans are logical, systematic, and intelligent but their rigid philosophy often fails to achieve creative solutions.






The Ferengi are small-handed moral-less cowards and liars who will say and do anything to advance their cause. The perfect genetic characteristics for a race of businessmen.
Ferengi don’t know much about much, but they do know how to make a sale. Voter beware. Ferengi don’t give refunds.






Klingons are a warlike race with a genetic predisposition to hostility. In Klingon society women have second class status as do the sciences and arts.
Voters should know before hand that there is no word for “peacemaker” in Klingon.




The Andorians


Very little is known about the Andorians (besides their sought after ale) considering that they have been around for ages. The have blue skin, characteristic white hair and two antenna that reflect their emotions which to The Voter appear only as very happy, very angry or very grumpy.

They are a socially anomaly engaging in group marriages.




The Borg


The Borg is a collective conscience consisting of part organic, part artificial life. Once individuals have been absorbed into The Borg collective, their only purpose becomes to serve the system.
The Borg only want to “raise the quality of life” of their Voters. Prepare to be assimilated.