Why do some people believe things that can be easily disproven? Why even when presented with fact do they continue to believe as before? I don’t know but it drives me crazy.



Now there may be some science to explain why. It seems that the majority of people feel an answer before rationalizing it.


When asked: “How many of each animal did Moses take on the arc?”  between 10-50% of the people answer 2, even if they have in-depth study of the Bible.


Eryn Newman at the University of Southern California who is studying the Moses Illusion says “Even when we ‘know’ we should be drawing on facts and evidence, we just draw on feelings”




Our reasoning is based of five factors

  1. Does a fact come from a credible source?
  2. Do others believe it?
  3. Is there plenty of evidence to support it?
  4. Is it compatible with what I believe?
  5. Does it tell a good story?


These factors are subject to manipulation, by meaningless detail, extra non related information and repetition.


We are told again and again Iraq has weapons of mass-destruction  again and again until we believe it and even after we discover the truth we hang on to the emotional feeling that it was correct. Hillary is more electable is repeated in the media the same way although the facts are otherwise it feels like she should be president, so many of us believe it.


And by the way it wasn’t Moses it was Noah.



Totally true story of Noah’s arc