Tyranny strikes again!


Despite over 50,000 signatures to allow open carry of weapons at the GOP convention the Secret Service (from here out referred to as the SS) has shut it down.  The SS says it isn’t going to happen and that’s the law.



Here is the catch. There is nothing in the US constitution that gives the SS that authority. What part shall not be infringed do they not understand? So why is the GOP, usually always so trustworthy and consistent in their interpretation of the Constitution, saying nothing?





All true Patriots need to stand up to the Tyranny of the SS. What Party other than the Republicans will protect the Right of freedom loving Americans to bear arms? Not the Gun-Hating Democrats.



And what is the SS’s problem exactly? They exist solely to insure the safety of certain governmental VIP’s. With so many people standing together packing that much ‘protection’ nothing could possibly go wrong. You can’t get safer than that! Perhaps the SS is afraid that the public will realize that they are obsolete in a world where every ‘Good Guy’ is capable of protecting Democracy?!



And should some Liberal tree-hugging lazy hippy come to disrupt such a beautiful convention the ‘sheer’ rapture of freedom and safety in the room would certainly sway his deluded mind back to the path of the good guys (with guns).




Republicans need to come together and show these Liberals and the tyrannically oppressive SS that we love our Bible, way of life, BBQ and our guns! There ain’t no Liberal Commie or government agency that can strip us of our way of life. God gave us our freedom and it is up to us to protect his gift.



So join the fight to tell that degenerate Obama and his SS that they need to stand aside as we usher in a new generation. A return to the great America. We need our guns at the RNC! Stand together now! Fight for God, fight for country, fight for protection and safety and freedom. Fight, fight, fight …