Apparently, if you have read the book you wont like The Adderall Diaries. I have not read the book so I am neutral about the film as a stand alone piece. The film stars James Franco as author Stephen Elliot (who also doesn’t like the film). From his memoir.

Franco and Slater

In the film, Elliot is a writer with daddy issues. He has some success writing about his messed up drug ridden childhood. He wants his next book to be about the Hans Reiser case. Reiser (played by Christian Slater) is on trial for the murder of his estranged wife. Elliot sees a similarity in the way that Reiser speaks about his own children and the way his father (played by Ed Harris) justifies his cruelty to him.

Ed Harris and James Franco

Ultimately Elliot learns how to grow up and take responsibility for his own life. I found the film enjoyable the performances are solid especially Ed Harris’. The story is interesting however I am a huge true crime fan so I really was more interested in the subplot than the films main story line. Perhaps the book is better.