There is a common misunderstanding among Hillary-ites that the “Bernie or Bust” attitude is somehow misguided.


An opinion largely based on two false assumptions…



  1. That those who “feel the Bern” have a choice between 1 of 2 options.
  2. America will benefit more under 4 years of Hillary than of Donald.




Number 1 is known as a false dilemma in logical debate. While this “either A or B” may the case for some die-hard Democrats, it is not the case for the large number of Independent and “lip-service” casual members of the Democratic Party. The fact is that no Democrat is under any obligation to support a chosen candidates. That is not a Democracy, it is a Syndicate.



Number 2 really hurts. And it often eludes Hillary-ite comprehension. A large majority of Americans don’t like Hillary. Many outright “dislike” her. In desperation some Hillarites will appeal to “the lesser of two evils” argument. But here’s the truth that Hillary-ites can’t or don’t want to see…


Will Donald would make a worse POTUS than Hillary? Quite likely. Will his Presidency be worse for America? Not necessarily. One can argue both separately. The two are not the same thing.


One indisputable fact is that only Donald Trump (and not Hillary) is a break with the establishment.




This is a major driving force for many (not all) Bernie supporters, both Democrat and Independent. People are angry and disillusioned and many don’t want an Obama 3, “business as usual” establishment regime.


If you see America as a ship off course, then “business as usual” is not the right choice.