Month: April 2016

The Battle of Gate Pa

Back in 1865 the British were beginning to seize the land of New Zealand. The British had signed a treaty with the native Māori about how to the seizing in a peaceful way, but the British were not honoring the treaty. The Māori began a series of small attacks on the British troops and wrote a letter taunting them to face off at Gate Pa. The British showed up with 2000 men and heavy artillery. The Māori had only 230. Gate Pa was a big ridge with a small opening to the sea. The setting was very advantageous for the Māori...

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Hey Trump – Wanna Win?

What if I told you that I know how Donald Trump could beat Hillary Rodham Clinton. Not Sanders, just Clinton. And not just win, DESTROY! My plan is so undeniably cunning that even the most stalwart of Clinton-bots will shudder in fear when they hear it.   Counter-arguments need not apply   Like Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump is not well loved by his own party. If he wants to become the next President of the United States his pick of running-mate will be critical to his slight chances of success. Speculation has already begun in the media as to...

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Clinton and Hobbes

Let me make the case that Hillary Clinton is a Calvinist and she thinks we should be Hobbes.   Hillary as Calvin   John Calvin was a church reformer. While traditional Protestantism believed in choice and free will, Calvin thought that fate was preordained. God had chosen who would go to heaven and who would go to hell beforehand. As such it is a largely irrelevant what you do in life with god having predestined your fate.     Hillary is Calvin. She wants us to listen to her “policy du jour” and is happy to point out her...

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The Tonsurephobia of Shrek the Sheep

Tonsurephobia is fear of hair cuts. Derived from Greek word ‘Tonsure’ meaning to cut this is a common fear of children and even adults. Nobody has ever suffered from this phobia more than Shrek the Sheep. Shrek lived out side the New Zealand town of Tarras on a sheep station (ranch). He had been castrated and was meant to be producing wool but, it seems he became a little shy around sheers and went into hiding for 6 years. In 2004, they discovered Shrek hiding in caves at the station. Most sheep are shorn yearly but for Shrek it had been six years.  On...

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Where Would Jesus Pee?

While down in the bible belt the question of the day is where people who are different should pee, the real debate should be about Jesus’ sexuality and gender. According to Christian belief God was androgynous. God had no wife he simply created new life from himself. In the Bible God is cranky and vengeful he is all knowing but seems pissed off that things are not going as he had planned. Even flooding the earth to start over at one point. Along came Jesus, and in the New Testament there is no mention of homosexuality or nor does it mention being transgender...

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Running for Her Life

The FBI has designated significant resources into the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private unauthorized use of a personal e-mail server.  147 agents were working at one time on the case. Now there are fewer than 50. They have their reputation riding on finding something that they can make stick.   Clinton says she did not use her private server to distribute classified information and that may be true. Here is the problem with that as a credible position. Although most e-mails are now public, 22 are deemed too sensitive to be released. What the difference between too sensitive to be released...

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Looking back at Airplane

In 1980 the second film from ZAZ, David Zucker, Jim Abrahams, and Jerry Zucker was released that film was Airplane. The ZAZ team had developed a successful theater company that parodied late night television’s Classic Movie shows and their commercials. They came across a film Zero Hour from 1957 Paramount Studios. Though ZAZ’s previous film had been like their theater shows they feared they lacked the experience to write a feature film. So they bought the rights to Zero Hour and rewrote it as a comedy. The casting of some Hollywood’s fading dramatic actors who had never done comedy was...

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Why there are boys AND girls.

It seems more than coincidence that the vast majority of life on Earth (and certainly of the macro-bacterial life) has two sexes?   I suppose that it could be this way because they all came from the same garden of Eden. Even if God did create Eve to keep Adam company then why did he make girl versions of alligators and newts? Certainly not for the company. Those animals need no friends…   The answer to why there are two sexes is obviously related to reproduction. The question is why two? What advantages could two sexes have over one....

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Who was FM-2030?

Born Fereidoun M. Esfandiary, changed his name to FM-2030 in the mid 1970’s. He had begun to think of himself as post human. He said “Conventional names define a person’s past: ancestry, ethnicity, nationality, religion. I am not who I was ten years ago and certainly not who I will be in twenty years. […] The name 2030 reflects my conviction that the years around 2030 will be a magical time. In 2030 we will be ageless and everyone will have an excellent chance to live forever. 2030 is a dream and a goal.” FM-2030 would have been 100 in...

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Shakespeare in the original Klingon

In Star Trek VI Klingon chancellor Gorkon decrees “You have not experienced Shakespeare until you have read him in the original Klingon.” This Film line lead Nick Nicholas and Andrew Strader to actually translate Hamlet Prince of Denmark into Klingon. The Translation was published in February 2000. Why is really the only unanswered question.     Ironically, Klingon’s were not the first to try to claim Shakespeare as their own. The  Germans pre 1939 held Shakespeare in very high regard.   They placed the German translations of Shakespeare’s place at the center of German Culture and named Shakespeare an honorary...

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Logic Fallacy #8

Logic Fallacy =  Bad Argument. If you have every argued with another human (and if you read this blog then I bet that you have) at some point you have certainly heard logic fallacies. Recognizing and discrediting them is an easy way to win almost any debate. Even when you are in the wrong. But, like a timely joke, it’s so hard to remember them when you need them. No longer! In this series we present the most common logic fallacies in their most basic forms Here’s number eight in our “Easy-Peasy guide to Winning Arguments and Losing Friends”....

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Before Gumby there was Gumbasia

In 1953 as a student film project at USC (the University of Sothern California, go Trojans!) Art Clokey shot a film that would lead to the creation of the cultural icon Gumby. The film was called Gumbasia a jazz parody of Disney’s hit film Fantasia. This 3 minute and 10 second masterpiece lead to the creation of Gumby. Gumby made his première on the Howdy Doody show in 1955 and NBC ordered more. The Gumby Show made its debut the same year with 22, 11 minutes episodes produced. Production continued until 1968. Eddie Murphy  started doing a Gumby impression on Saturday Night Live in...

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