Marguerite Oswald was in Fort Worth Texas when she heard that her son Lee Harvey Oswald had been arrested for shooting JFK. She wanted to get to Dallas to see him, so she called up the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s offices to see if she could get a ride. A young Bob Schieffer (later of CBS news fame) picked up the phone. He almost dismissed her but upon learning who she was he headed out the door to chauffeur her to see her son.


On the drive she explained that no one would feel sorry for her. How Lee’s wife would be taken care of but not her. She was Jealous of her daughter in-law. Schieffer continued the interview throughout the drive to Dallas and stayed with her until she was able to see her son. He found her very peculiar.

Young Schieffer in Crowd

Marguerite Oswald developed a bad reputation over the years. She testified that her son was a government agent to the Warren Commission, which they later discredited. Her house became a kind of shrine to the assassination. She always agreed to speak to writers and reporters, for a price. She gave them the impression of being very manipulative and opportunistic. One reporter said “to know her is to feel sorry for Lee Harvey Oswald”

Marguerite Oswald and her Shrine

It has been said that JFK’s assassination brought about the real end of the 1950’s. One can only imagine what it must have been like for Marguerite Oswald the woman who gave birth to the end of the 50’s. Marguerite Oswald passed away in 1981.

autographed photo of Marguerite Oswald