I don’t like Hillary Clinton. However, I have always viewed her persecution from the right to be a little harsh. I’m not really interested in Benghazi, her e-mails etc. Her voting record alone gives me pause.
I set out to find how many women had died in direct effect from the Iraq war. As Clinton waves the I’m the world’s greatest feminist flag voted for that war. I was looking for number of female solders killed in action, how many women civilians caught in the cross fire, and how many woman have been raped and killed at the hands of extremist groups that have filled the vacuum.
I didn’t find those numbers. I don’t know if they exist but I did find a list of dead bodies associated with the Clintons and it is a big pile of bodies. I know they meet a lot of people but, do these numbers seem right to you?
  • 21 suicides mostly close associates, most famously Vince Foster.
  • Murder, 19 of Clinton associates have been murdered.
  • How about mysterious death for example falling off a building or drinking too much mouthwash? 15 people have died from mysterious circumstances.
  • Lastly death from accident car, plane or helicopter (only counting their associates or friends not total victims) 42 motorized accidents.


Is this normal?
I need to find out how many bodies are associated with the Carter family next and see how the numbers add up.