Remember the evenings playing Risk with your buddies. The chips, canned beverages and camaraderie. The excitement of conquest and the agony of betrayal. The inevitable fights, long hours and eventual stagnation and dwindling interest as players were eliminated and relegated to hours on the couch.

Now you can re-live all the best that Parkers Bros’ Risk had to offer without the loss of hours of you life and damaged friendships.

Lux DLX is a mobile/tablet friendly version of your favorite Politically Correct War game. If you remember Risk (as I assume that you do) then there is practically no learning curve.


Vacation in Spain! - LUX DLX

Vacation in Spain! – LUX DLX


Pick you color, your enemies level of bad-assery and choose from a huge variety of free user made maps. While certain maps can be quirky the game is basically the same as the original board game. Collect cards by conquering countries, amass your armies in strategically located positions and hope that they stupid guy attacks someone else!


In theory you could play this digital version of RIsk with friends. But the real potential of LUX DLX is the ability to enjoy a quick game of Risk while on the go. (Or at the Office!)


The Player settings go Human Player, Easy AI, Medium AI, Hard AI, Reaper AI, Random AI and Off. If I really need to explain this part then maybe LUX DLX is not for you.


Pick your opponent

Pick your opponent


Easy to learn and surprisingly addictive (thanks mostly to the speed of play and multitude of maps) LUX DLX is a definite “must-have” addition to any hand-held device.