Calxophobia is fear of chalk and I hope that that is what is happening in America. Because university students are claiming that their safe space is being taken away from them because of a pro-Trump message appeared on campus scrawled in chalk makes them feel afraid. If it the message that is disturbing them well F you! you little coddled bastards!

Obama scolding students about being too coddled

Safe spaces came about to help people in groups who are often targeted for violence to not to aid and abed thought police. Give the money back to your parents if you think University is a place where you should be safe from ideas that you find upsetting. If that is your opinion then sorry to tell you but you are too dumb for college, get that fast food application filled out. There really is room to move ahead as a fry cook.

I’d like to take back the term Collage Humor as well. It isn’t Collage Humor if it isn’t offensive. You need to be taking drugs having sex reading things people tell you not to and forming who you are.

9 years of collage down the drain

9 years of college down the drain

The world isn’t an easy place and if you think you can live it while keeping your fragile opinions you are mistaken. Grow a pair millennials and yes listen and vote for that nice Jewish man for president but get your own freaking shit  together after you do! The rain will wash away the scary message but nobody is going to care about your shattered delusions.