Crosses are found as charms, talismans, or amulets on every continent. They probably originated in Babylon as the symbol of the diety Tammuz and spread throughout the Western world through the Egyptian gods who wouldn’t leave home without an ankh in hand.


It is odd that Christians use the cross at all as a symbol since it is highly likely that that Jesus Christ did not die on a cross. In ancient Greek the word stau·rosʹ (where the bible got cross) basically means “an upright pale or stake.” Jesus was likely bound (not nailed) to a pole as was the normal punishment for the lower classes at the time.



Ixion & Quetzalcoat Solar Cross Buds

Ixion & Quetzalcoat Solar Cross Buds


For the first 300 years after Christ’s death, Christians did not use the cross but the fish (Ichthys). This is because not only was crucifixion neither unique nor out the ordinary, but many other gods and cults had already lay claim to it.


Look it's Jesus ... no, my bad. It's Odin!

Look it’s Jesus … no, my bad. It’s Odin!


Only in the fourth century, when Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity was the cross promoted. Probably to unite the different Cross worshiping cults under one doctrine for stability in his Empire. Whatever the reason, the cross has nothing to do with Jesus Christ. It is pagan in origin. Various other authorities have linked the cross with nature worship and pagan sex rites.


Okay, whoever doesn't have a cross needs to go to the back of the line!

Okay, whoever doesn’t have a cross needs to go to the back of the line!


So next time you kiss your cross don’t forget to kiss Tammuz, Quetzalcoat, Rah and the hundreds of other gods asses too!