H.R. Giger was born February 5th 1940 in Switzerland. His father did not believe art to be a real profession so Giger studied architecture and design at university. His early published work were sold as posters. In the 70’s and 80s his work was often featured in Heavy Metal magazine.


Art from Heavy Metal magazine

He referred to his work as being ‘biomechanical’. His education in design helped him to not being limited to the page. Giger was recruited to work on Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise which brought him an Oscar for best visual effects.


Alien sketch

He also did some furniture design for the film adaptation of Dune. He admired David Lynch’s film Eraser Head. There’re many Album covers and science fiction book covers to his name.


Dune chairs

Giger designed a guitar line.


Beautiful guitar

Two bars that are still operational in Switzerland.


Entrance to one of the bars


enjoying the bar

and a H.R. Giger Museum in the sleepy little medieval town of Gruyére, Switzerland (yes where the cheese comes from).


A museum piece

Sadly Giger died at 74 years old from complications from a fall. His widow runs the museum in Switzerland and the Alien franchise continues. Tattoo artists continue to ink his images onto body parts and we can still visit the bars. We will need to push on with the works he left us with.


Giger posing with two of his paintings