The company Robotic Decoys has a plan to stop poachers or for hunting. The plan is to use life size robot animals. The animals can be controlled with an IPad or IPhone at close range. Using a more classic transmitter the user can be further away.

White-tailed deer buck $1,750

White-tailed deer buck $1,750

The company makes what is in fact like robotic taxidermy. The hides are real and many can be supplied by the company or you can have them build one from your animal’s hide. The do deer, moose, bear, and antelope. As well as predators like wolf, coyote and fox. Oh, I forgot about their turkeys.

These decoys are not cheap however. A turkey will set you back up to $1,700 including shipping. While the bear can set you back over $4000 all included, although a little less if you provide the hide.

They also supply replacement parts if your decoy gets shot up or it’s battery needs replacing.

“Each mount we create is carefully handcrafted and fitted with custom robotic components to bring these unique creations to life.” -Mike Kleman (owner of Robotic Decoys)


So if you are a hunter, a game warden, or just a guy that likes robotic animals more realistic than at Chuckey Cheese and you have cash to burn check out I hope they start making these to protect African animals.