A lot of objections and accusations have been being made surrounding Bernie Sanders’ use of the word unqualified in regards to the position of POTUS and Hillary Clinton.


Somehow, some people have even gotten sexist out of this remark? I suppose it was inevitable that the “woman card” would be played again once it became obvious that Sanders would catch up to Clinton’s “Confederacy” padded delegate lead. Too soon fems. That card ain’t gonna fly here.


The fact that Sanders chose to say simply unqualified instead of the more appropriate morally unqualified is actually a sign of the restraint of his statement.


So is there some merit in the accusation that Hillary is unqualified for the Presidency? It’s really a matter of semantics. Bernie was quite specific in his follow-up explanation which is largely and inexplicably ignored by most debate on this topic. Likewise, he should probably have chosen a better word in the age of “short attention spans” and “one-liners”.


And who is in any position to judge the morality of another?  Well, the voter actually.