SCOTUS keeps refusing to hear cases that impact big business. This spells bad news for Republicans as they struggle to keep their own party from burning to the ground.

First was a decision against Tyson Chicken. Employees claimed that they were not paid for time it took to prepare for the job (wow can teachers claim that too now?) the vote came down 5-2 for the employees. so 3,000 workers involved will split $5.8 million.

The next two cases the court refused to hear at all, meaning the decision reverts to the lower court’s ruling. First up, Walmart or as I like to call the them the evil Walton family they were forced to pay $150 million to 187,000 Pennsylvanian employees for wage theft.  The next not to hear was from Wells Fargo who must give back $203 million to its customers for misleading policies concerning overdraft.

All this is putting pressure on the Senate to add another member to the SCOTUS and is making a mockery of Tea Party politics. The republicans are sure not to get a better deal than the one on the table now and the smarter republicans are already breaking ranks to get this done before Bernie or Hillary offers a less palatable choice.