The past few years have been amazing for LGBT rights. Sadly, bigotry appears to be on the rise again as well. North Carolina has passed their new segregation law focused on transgendered people. The law is causing quite the uproar around the country. Springsteen has even canceled his plans to play there. When the Boss takes a stand on an issue then any true liberal knows they better fall in to line.

hundreds of lost jobs

But, Mr. Springsteen sir??!! I don’t want to get kicked out of the liberal club or anything and I’m not saying that your’re wrong but, I think there is more to the picture that both sides should considerer.
68% of the people is North Carolina support this law. It is a very scary high number, but, I don’t think 68% of the people in North Carolina are bigots. Rather I think it reflects a number of people who feel uncomfortable about a new group that they don’t understand. Sure some are just bigots but the majority of the people need to adjust to the changes that have come so fast and vilifying a whole state will not solve the problem but in fact make it worse.
No matter the group they target these laws are bad. They are used to segregate and put a group in their place to make them feel less than the others. If the people of North Carolina think about these laws in the terms of their purpose and not about the group that they target the percentage of support should drop quickly. The solution is to except the transgendered and the slow to adjust with respect and understanding.