As an expat who has basked in the security of Democratic Socialism for more than 20 years it with both amusement and shadevreugde that I watch the inability of my former countrymen to see what is so blatantly the only semi-acceptable Presidential choice for 99% of Americans.


My new found countrymen are bewildered by the tragic level of Presidential candidates, as well as the inability of the majority of the American people to see the sham that they are a part of.


They often ask me, especially in election years, if American’s are really as ignorant and stupid as they appear to be. As a proud American Ex-Pat I do my duty to assure them that in America, just like in every country, there are lots of stupid people and lots of non-stupid people. This, however, does not explain the unique American problem.




Herein lies the key to explaining the apparent American blindness to the obvious. It is the almost total control of the media by corporations. American’s can’t make educated decisions because they don’t get the education. Said more properly, they can’t distinguish the facts from the propaganda, lies and half-truths.


Image courtesy of Frugal Dad

Image courtesy of Frugal Dad


6 corporations own more than 90% of all the media in America. Corporations exist only (and only) to make money for their stockholders. Selling papers is yesterday’s news. These days Media is about information control and how to earn money with it. And what better way than to have your “boy” (or girl) somewhere influential on Capitol Hill.


American’s aren’t stupid. They just don’t have the facts. Not the “real” facts.