Laura Kehoe, a PHD researcher studying a group of chimpanzees in Guinea has discovered some strange behavior. The group of chimps he group is studying have never been studied before. The animals have little forest to inhabit and are forced to live in strips of tree live between farms and houses.


They noticed that in this area there were strange piles of rocks, rocks stuffed into hollow trees and markings on trees from rocks being thrown. Chimpanzees have been known to use tools to forage or crack open nuts. They also use rocks in determining the alpha but, this is different. This resembled early shrine, religious development in man.

To insure it wasn’t a joke being played be teen-agers or some other explanation, cameras traps were set up around the area. The first footage showed a large male pausing before a tree, grabbing a large rock and hurling it at the trunk. It could have just been a random event but later footage showed this behavior being repeated and for no explanation. No food was involved and other chimps were not present.

The study is inconclusive but intriguing, because it is so similar to the way religion first developed in Humans.