As the US is uncovering the secret life of Bill Cosby, Britain is still uncovering information about their most notorious celebrity Jimmy Savile.

Jimmy Savile was a huge radio and TV personality in the UK. He worked in radio from 1958 until near his death in 2011. On TV he hosted the music show Top of the Pops among other very popular shows. But, it was his charity work for which he was most beloved. He is credited with raising £40 million of charity. He was also knighted in 1990. During his life there were a few allegations of sexual misconduct but they were dismissed as people trying to steal some of his spotlight.

After his death stories began to immerge but nobody could have expected the scale of his deviancy. In 2012 the first documentary aired on the BBC about how Scotland Yard and other people in power had helped him cover up abusing children in hospitals as well as staff they uncovered that his victims ranged in age of between 5 and 75. In 2013 a special program by the metro police called “Giving Victims a Voice” logged 450 reports of rape by Savile.

Tonight on the BBC a second documentary will air about Necrophilia. In it they charge that Savile was also was obsessed with sex with the dead and used his celebrity to gain free access to morgues in the UK. He was a very evil man indeed, but those who helped him should be accountable too.