A small flat roofed building at 1209 North Orange Street in Wilmington, Delaware houses over 285,000 companies? Well, it’s the official address of 285,000 companies. And the reasons for this are the highly lucrative and secretive Tax laws of this State.


But there's so many there people even if it's one employee per company....

But there’s so many people even if it’s one employee per company….


These are Shell Companies. Fronts. There is nothing “illegal” about this. Those are the laws of the land. A land who’s own President Obama recently referred to this building in Delaware as:

That’s either the biggest building in the world, or the biggest tax scam on record!

5 of these 285,000 companies are owned by Bill and Hillary Clinton. Hillary never mentioned these Shell Companies in her official declarations because, by law, she was not required to.


Putting aside that no laws were broken, and that the loop-holes, and legal tax dodging may just be a smart use of the system, the real issue of Hillary’s Shell Companies is a moral one.


Here is a person running for the highest office in the land and promising the voters that she is against everything that she apparently propagates. If elected, the will put an end to all these type of practices that presently protect her immense wealth. It defies rational logic for a reason, because it is not the truth.


If you say nothing it's not lying after all.

If you say nothing it’s not lying after all.


Give us a break Hillary. That you are a flip-flopping profiteer that will do and say anything to advance your goals is plain for all but your “blind” worshipers to see. But please spare us “non-believers” the demeaning insults of your hypocrisy.


It is a wonder that half of all Democrats blindly support Hillary when time and time the hard facts point to a heritage of deception. Perhaps a generation of Neo-Liberalism and Political Correct “double standards” has numbed these Democrats to the obnoxious odor of hypocrisy?