First bit of news!! Tom Lehrer is not dead! Yes he is 88 but still hanging on. A noted University professor that had a side job as a political and social comedian. He quit comedy and song writing in 1973 because when Henny Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize he declared satire dead. Many believe that he quit because he was sued for his parody song of Wernher von Braun the German scientist allowed asylum in the US during WWII because of his knowledge of nuclear fission. Lehrer has denied this and stated that he just became board of preforming the same songs, night after night.


He taught at MIT and Santa Cruz university but is most well known for teaching at Harvard where he spent most of his academic carrier. In 2001he gave his last lecture on the subject of infinity and we hope he lives that long.

*extra Tom Lehrer trivia he claims to have invented the Jell-O-shot due to alcohol restrictions during his time in the army