The party that loves to wrap itself up in flag an sing about freedom and personal responsibility, has found a new way to attack women. The new “Fetal burial” bills are shockingly cruel even for republicans who have endless creativity when it comes to finding ways to sink lower and lower on the humanity scale.

Ohio is one of five states proposing “Fetal burial” bills. This bills would require women seeking an abortion to choose burial or cremation of their aborted fetuses. They would then be charged additional money for the “choice” to be carried out. Then a death certificate would be written and become public record for all time.

A group calling itself “Americans United For Life.” provides PDFs of prewritten bills that republicans can printout and submit as possible legislation. This saves the republican law makers the time and money that it would take to research study and write the legislation themselves. Many of these republicans came into office during the tea party rise to power, so they are anti government and might not be able to read so good.

All this in a week that saw legislation on Religious Freedom, and Birth Certificate bathroom use and an ex-speaker of the house exposed as a child molester. Republicans seem obsessed with manipulating other peoples bodies.

While no Transgendered person has ever been arrested for assaulting anybody in any public toilet many republics have. Perhaps we should consider separate bathrooms for them.