In 1964 Hillary Clinton worked and supported Barry Goldwater. Women who supported Goldwater were called Goldwater Girls.  In a 1996 interview with NPR Hillary said “I consider to be very reactionary, not conservative in many respects. I’m very proud that I was a ‘Goldwater Girl.”



Now many of you may not know who Goldwater was. It is easy to look up that he was a republican and he was running against Lyndon Johnson the incumbent after the assassination of JFK.


Johnson had urged Congress to come together to support the Civil Rights Act (one of JFKs pet bills before his murder). Goldwater was a Arizona Senator at the time and while many Republican’s reached across the aisle to support the civil rights act, Goldwater did not.




Goldwater later told a group of 7 people that he wished to run for president in order to re-segregate the south. This was a significant moment in history as it exposes the way the Southern States are red today and also why Clinton has name recognition in the South.



I challenge our readers to look and see what Sanders was up to during this same time period. I think you will find a cleaner scent than the one old gold water left.