Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a fantastic point and click puzzle adventure based in WW1 Europe.


The story is told from five different characters, each with their own background, motivation and story line. There is Karl the unwilling German solider looking for his French wife. Old Emile the Cook and Karl’s father-n-law. Anna the headstrong Belgian Nurse. An American named Freddie who has enlisted with the French forces.

Then there is the dog who crosses all of their paths and is the actual star of the game.


Valiant Hearts - The Great War

Valiant Hearts – The Great War


Each character follows their own unique story line (although they do cross) as they attempt to reach their goal through a series of puzzle-based adventures.


While the balance of the puzzles can be a bit aggravating the beauty and heartfelt emotion with which the game plays our deserves full credit. It is not often that a “war” game addresses the human element so effectively as Valiant Hearts does.


Yes there is lots of death, but little actual gore and blood. The game play does have a few quirks/bugs. (at least on my iPad version!) Despite this I am giving this game such a high score because of the goals that it sets. Playing this game is an excellent Voight-Kampff test. If you don’t cry at least once a little then you can be sure that you are not human. In fact, just try to get through the trailer with dry eyes…..