Well it may be to late for this year but you can stop paying taxes and start believing. You Tea Partyers are so close to a religion already you wont have to change much.

rally-0b03a32febe18f1cd23a6ddac882b4a4c15bed36-s6-c30You don’t believe in government nor should you have to. In fact if you just stop participating in government at all and recognize yourselves as the visionaries that you and your fellow believers are you can ordain yourselves and stop paying any tax ever. Here is what the IRS says about it:

IRSIf you have a small business you can tax exempt it as well, Just become a Corporation Sole. Government off your back forever and it is as easy as clicking your heals three times and saying there’s no place like home.

gunsleavingYou’ll have the freedom to worship your guns and speak in tongues without that pesky government telling you what you can’t do.

All you have to do is leave politics behind and call yourself a religion. Nobody will question your faith. What you believe is no more ridiculous as what other religions believe. You even have your own religious scriptures.

5570444988_7b58df0ca4_zStop being ridiculed when you enter political discussions becoming a religion gives you the freedom to make your home and small businesses safe spaces. Safe spaces where you can surround yourself with likeminded people just like you. You can sing the sweet hymns of the 2nd and 10th amendment in privacy and without those who would deny you these rights.